What is commercial janitorial cleaning?

Posted on 4th August 2021 by jask Media

Are you wondering what is commercial janitorial cleaning? Perhaps you’re unsure what the difference is between this and general office cleaning in Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham? If so, this article is for you. Find out more about janitorial cleaning so you can decide whether you require this service.

All about commercial janitorial cleanersWHAT IS COMMERCIAL JANITORIAL CLEANING?

The services of commercial janitorial cleaners are used alongside general cleaning services. Many companies employ cleaners to carry out jobs like kitchen and carpet cleaning outside of office hours. These duties are often carried out when staff are away from the office so disruption is kept to a minimum. However, some duties can be undertaken whilst your team are actually in the office. Janitors can help you with these duties. These can include replenishing office supplies, laying out your meeting rooms, cleaning them, cleaning your bathrooms and maintaining them.

What other jobs do janitors carry out?

Commercial janitorial cleaners normally carry out their work during normal business hours. This ensures your team can continually gain access to the clean, hygienic environment that they require without going without the supplies that they need. These can include replenishing items like hand soap and toilet rolls that are used during the course of the day.  

Your janitor may empty your bins several times throughout the day and sanitise your bathrooms repeatedly. They may deal with cleaning emergencies that occur from time to time within your business environment, keeping it running smoothly. 

Flexible janitorial services

Some companies need janitors to remain on their premises throughout the working day, whilst other businesses only require their services for a few hours or so per day. It’s common for some companies to use janitorial services for a couple of hours before or after lunch. If you do have an unforeseen cleaning emergency, it’s very useful to have a janitor around who can clear up some of the mess before deep cleaners arrive on your site later on.

What kind of companies require janitorial services?

Commercial Cleaning in Sheffield

Your business is likely to benefit from janitorial services if you have a busy working environment. If you have a particularly large team, janitorial services could be worth their weight in gold. A janitor won’t be able to replace your general cleaners as the former will need to deliver services that may not be offered by your janitor. These can include cleaning specialist resources and carrying out deep cleans. If janitors carried out these duties, they would cause too much disruption and business could slow down remarkably.

Why is it so important to keep your office clean?

It’s essential to keep your office space clean if your team are to remain happy, healthy and productive. Visitors to your premises could find it very off-putting if your office space is not cleaned and maintained to a high standard. These guests could include investors and other people with who you need to build beneficial long-term relationships.

Can’t I just employ my own in-house cleaners?

Some big-name brands do have the budgets to employ cleaners internally, but these are few and far between. Many well-known companies and organisations opt to use cleaners from outside of their business rather than recruiting internal cleaning teams. Another benefit of using external cleaners is that you can scale up or down in line with your needs. If you employ in-house cleaners, you may need to promise them fixed hours even if your requirements change from week to week. You can be much more flexible when you use external cleaners and only pay for the time you need.

How can I ensure my janitor completes the tasks that I require?Commercial cleaners in sheffield

If you do decide to hire a janitor, you can agree on a cleaning schedule with them before they get to work so that tasks are not missed. If you hire a janitor who has years of experience behind them, you can expect them to deliver a fantastic service quickly without cutting corners. They will also know how to get the best out of the cleaning resources and know which products are the most suitable for specific tasks.

Which services are offered by general cleaners?

Many companies require services not offered by janitors. Some companies enlist the services of general cleaners two or three times a year. However, you may need these services more regularly if you have a very busy working environment. If you know when you need bigger cleaning projects to be carried out, you can plan ahead. Services offered by non-janitorial cleaners can include hard floor cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, power washing, window washing, and furniture cleaning. Many companies offer both janitorial and general cleaning services, giving you the best of both worlds.

How Direct Cleaning Services can help

At Direct Cleaning Services, we are here for you if you require commercial cleaning and office cleaning in Barnsley, Sheffield or Rotherham. Our team have many years of experience at hand, with our team cleaning the workplaces of many businesses in the local area. We serve companies of all sizes and in various industries, with office-based firms, retailers, schools, and hospitals amongst our clients. We are confident that we can meet your expectations. So, why not get in touch today for further information on what is commercial janitorial cleaning? We are here for you whether you require one-off or regular cleaning services. We aim to keep disruption to an absolute minimum whilst we conduct our duties and can work at your premises before, during, or after the working day.

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