What services do commercial cleaners offer?

Posted on 22nd September 2020 by jask Media

Do you want to make sure your business premises stay clean and hygienic? If so, it may be time to hire a reputable commercial cleaning company in Sheffield, Barnsley, or Rotherham. Professional cleaners can attend your business on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and one-off cleans are always possible too. At Direct Cleaning, we provide various commercial cleaning services, catering a wide range of needs and budgets. Here are some of the services we provide to businesses throughout the South Yorkshire area.

office cleaningOffice cleaning

If you’re an office-based business with several members of staff, enlisting a professional office cleaning service can be extremely worthwhile. Regular cleaning of your workplace can prevent the spread of germs and reduce staff sickness, helping to maintain productivity levels. A clean office is also likely to result in a happier, more contented workforce. At Direct Cleaning, we can clean your office space to the highest standards using the latest equipment and processes. Our office cleaners in Rotherham, Barnsley, and Sheffield can clean everything from desks and glass partitions to reception areas and toilet facilities.

School cleaning

If schools aren’t cleaned regularly, they can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. This can lead to higher instances of flu, viral diseases, and other illnesses. Whilst many schools have members of staff dedicated to keeping their premises clean, often this isn’t adequate, with resources and expertise usually limited. To make sure your school receives the highest possible standard of cleaning, it makes sense to hire a specialist school cleaning company like Direct Cleaning. We’ll make sure your classrooms, corridors, canteen, and toilet facilities are spotless. Our flexible cleaning times mean that there will be minimal disruption to pupils’ learning.

Retail cleaning

Cleanliness is vital in the world of retail, with customers demanding a clean and hygienic space in which to shop. A clean counter or spotless changing rooms can be the difference between achieving customer satisfaction and gaining repeat business and diminished turnover and a bad reputation. So, why not invest in commercial cleaning in Barnsley or Sheffield and make sure you make a great first impression? Whether you run a shop, bank, or even a nail salon, our experienced retail cleaners can  make sure your premises stay clean and sanitary at all times.

Healthcare cleaning

Healthcare settings require regular and thorough cleaning to reduce the spread of infections. Many people receiving treatment or visiting these environments are already at risk of infection, and so ensuring that effective cleaning regimes in place is key. Additionally, people are more likely to put their trust in a setting that is clean and welcoming. Our commercial cleaners are highly experienced in cleaning healthcare settings throughout the Yorkshire area. We clean GPs surgeries, dental practices, and hospitals to CQC standards. You can rest assured that your healthcare settings will be left clean, sanitary, and hygienic, with our team achieving pristine results every time.

commercial window cleaningCommercial window cleaning

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your windows when it comes to cleaning your business premises. Clean windows present a professional image of your company and boost staff morale and productivity. Regular cleaning can also prevent damage to your windows and increase their lifespan. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable commercial window cleaning service, get in touch with our team. We can clean all your windows to the highest standards – even those that are difficult to access. Dirty, smeary windows that ruin the look of your business premises will soon be a thing of the past.

Commercial carpet cleaning

When you invest in commercial cleaning in Barnsley, Sheffield, or Rotherham, don’t overlook your carpets. Although regular hoovering can go some way to keeping them clean, professional carpet cleaning is occasionally required to make sure they stay looking their best. As well as removing dirt and bacteria from your carpets, reducing the risk of your staff and customers becoming sick, it can also create a more welcoming environment.

Our professional carpet cleaners can clean your carpets during your downtime, limiting the disruption to your business. We use the best and most up to date carpet cleaning equipment along with the latest techniques. This allows us to provide a highly effective service, keeping your carpets looking great and extending their lifespan.

Builders cleans

Are you having construction or renovation work carried out on your business premises? If so, we recommend investing in a builders clean. During building work, a lot of dust, dirt, and debris is produced. This makes a professional clean at the end of the project essential if you want the space to look clean and presentable. When the area is free from all trades, building materials, and equipment, and our team can get to work. We’ll carry out a thorough after builders clean, providing a bespoke cleaning solution that meets your needs.

Contract or one-off cleans

At Direct Cleaning, we provide contract cleaning services to commercial clients across South Yorkshire. Scheduled cleaning provides you with the assurance that your premises will be cleaned at a certain time and will be maintained regularly. We can work with you to create a cleaning schedule that fit your requirements, making sure all your business’ cleaning needs are met. However, if your premises don’t require regular cleaning or you simply need help getting on top of your cleaning tasks, we’re more than happy to provide one-off cleans. Our commercial cleaners can come to you as and when you need us, returning your workplace back to a clean and pristine condition.

As you can see, commercial cleaners offer a wide range of services – perhaps more than you may have first thought. If you want to keep your business premises clean, hygienic, welcoming, and professional, why not get in touch to find out more?

Whether you need retail, school, healthcare or office cleaners in Sheffield, Barnsley, or Rotherham, Direct Cleaning can assist.

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