Where are Office Germs Lurking?

Posted on 1st September 2015 by jask Media

With a shocking 32% of people admitting to not washing their hands after using the bathroom, it would be natural to assume that bathrooms are the most common place to pick up bacteria. However, recent studies have shown that in fact, workplace equipment can be up to 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat!

Here at Direct Cleaning we know it’s important to keep the office as hygienic as possible to reduce the risk of spreading harmful viruses, so we’ve listed the most common areas for bacteria to be found in the workplace.


The average keyboard can have an unbelievable 200 times more bacteria than a toilet brush – with many germs able to thrive for several days – meaning that every time you come in to the office to start working, you’re picking up germs with your fingers and potentially spreading them around the office, not to mention all the times you switch between touching your keyboard and face or mouth! If you eat at your desk, that number is likely to increase even more, with food crumbs being a common source of bacteria, so it is essential to keep your desk tidy and clean with disinfectant wipes regularly.

Light switch

A lot of people are likely to pass through the office every day, and those same people will be carrying an array of germs and dirt on their hands unbeknown to them, transferring bacteria to everything they touch. The first thing most people will touch on entering a room? The lights witch. Switches can host germs for up to 72 hours, making them an absolute hot spot for breeding potentially harmful viruses that can be spread around the office.

Door Handles

One study found that a virus put onto an office door was spread around half the office’s surface and its employees within just 4 hours – luckily the virus in question was harmless, but just think how quickly the common cold or flu could spread in winter! Many employees will forget to wash their hands after sneezing or coughing, and with so much traffic passing through the office doors everyday, door handles will become a breeding ground for nasty germs and viruses without regular cleaning.

Communal Kitchen Areas

Perhaps most disturbing of all, the dirtiest places commonly found in offices are often the fridge, coffee machine and microwave handles in communal kitchen areas. Studies have found that 91% of break room faucet handles are dirty – a worryingly high percentage for the area you most likely prepare your food in!

The Solution?

Simply keeping some disinfectant wipes and hand gel on your desk can dramatically decrease your risk of picking up or spreading germs from around the office, and keep you safe during the flu season but now even more so with COVID 19. Shouldn’t you have a professional office cleaning service? We cover Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley.

However, to truly know that your office is as hygienic as possible, hiring a professional cleaning services is the only answer. Direct Cleaning offer a comprehensive, in-depth service covering all areas of the office, ensuring that any harmful bacteria that may have built up over the day is completely eradicated.

Contact our experienced team today to discuss the services we offer and for any further information, and we’ll be happy to help you.