Why Is Cleaning So Important In Healthcare – Infographic

Posted on 6th January 2021 by jask Media

Regular and thorough cleaning has always been essential in healthcare settings. However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made it even more vital, with commercial cleaning services now a necessity for doctors surgeries, dentists, hospitals, and other healthcare practices. If you’re looking for cleaners specialising in healthcare cleaning in Sheffield, Barnsley, or Rotherham, look no further than Direct Cleaning Services. Our team can make your premises clean and hygienic, with our work meeting the high standards set by the CQC.


So why is regular cleaning in healthcare so important?


Healthcare infographic

Reducing the spread of infection

Controlling the spread of infection is important in many different locations, including schools and workplaces. However, it’s even more crucial in healthcare settings. People who visit sites like doctors surgeries and hospitals are often already vulnerable to viruses. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that effective cleaning procedures are in place. Areas such as wards, waiting rooms, receptions, corridors, and toilet facilities should all be cleaned methodically on a regular basis. This can help to eradicate germs and bacteria which could cause infection and illnesses. 

Limiting the risk of healthcare-associated infections  

Healthcare-associated infections are those that occur in a healthcare setting that a patient didn’t have before they came in. Common examples include MRSA, MSSA, C. difficile, and E.coli. They often develop as a result of medical or surgical treatment or other forms of contact in a healthcare setting. HCAI’s have a massive impact on the healthcare service in the UK. According to the Department of Health, they cost around £1 billion every year. 

Furthermore, patients who develop an MRSA bacteraemia infection spend an extra 10 days in hospital on average. Those with C.diff spending an additional 21 days in the hospital. Therefore, reducing the risk of HCAIs developing is essential for protecting NHS resources. The key to doing this is to keep healthcare settings cleaned to the highest possible standards.

Healthcare providers can work to minimise the risk of healthcare-associated infections occurring in a number of ways. As well as ensuring that staff are fully trained and educated in infection control and carrying out regular checks to ensure that infection control practices and standards are met, providers should take steps to keep their settings clean. To ensure you’re meeting your obligations, hire a specialist company for healthcare commercial cleaning in Barnsley, Sheffield, or Rotherham. 

Covid-19 and healthcare cleaning requirements 

Covid-19 has made regular cleaning in healthcare settings even more important over the past year. The virus, which has already caused so much illness and thousands of fatalities, is continuing to spread. Cases are rising once more in all parts of the UK. South Yorkshire has been particularly badly hit in recent weeks, with the region potentially facing further lockdown restrictions. 

Reducing the spread of Covid-19 in settings like doctors surgeries and dentists continues to be critical, with an exceptional standard of cleaning required consistently. To make sure you’re playing your part in limiting the spread of the virus in healthcare in Rotherham, Sheffield, and Barnsley, don’t hesitate to contact Direct Cleaning Services. We’ve already been enlisted by many local healthcare providers, with our team cleaning settings of all sizes.

Promote trust in your healthcare setting

As well as helping to limit the spread of viruses like Covid-19, a high standard of cleaning will also help to promote trust in your setting. A clean environment is important aesthetically as well as hygienically as it can help patients to feel more confident in your care. This is particularly important when people are anxious or unwell. They should feel assured that they are being looked after in an environment which is clean and safe. A patient is much more likely to feel relaxed and comfortable in a healthcare setting that’s visibly clean that one which has dirty floors or bins overflowing with rubbish.   

How often should cleaning take place?

How often cleaning should take place in healthcare settings depends on various factors, such as the level of risk and amount of traffic. For example, high-risk areas with high footfall like A&E and operating theatres require rigorous cleaning at least once, but perhaps several times per day. Other areas with less traffic, such as wards and outpatient clinics, may need less cleaning. At Direct Cleaning Services, we can design a bespoke cleaning schedule to suit your specific requirements.

Why choose Direct Cleaning Services

With the coronavirus pandemic far from over, there’s increasing pressure on healthcare organisations to adopt effective cleaning regimes for their settings. Many local providers are choosing us for healthcare cleaning in Sheffield, Barnsley, and surrounding areas. We have a great reputation across the region, with a proven track record for our professional and affordable commercial cleaning services. 

When you hire us, you can relax in the knowledge that we work to Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidelines. Our team adhere to all the industry regulations and work to their exacting standards. We can ensure that your setting will be clean, sanitary, and hygienic, helping to reduce the spread of healthcare-associated infections and Covid-19. 

Employing the latest healthcare cleaning methods 

At Direct Cleaning Services, we’ve adopted the latest healthcare cleaning methods. We use the very best equipment and cleaning processes to achieve fantastic results. Our cleaning team work to a strict routine, making sure we never miss a step. We check all our work against a rigorous checklist, ensuring we always achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. From surgery practice rooms to reception areas, corridors, and toilet facilities, we can clean your whole setting. 


Whether you’re seeking commercial cleaning for a doctor’s surgery, dental practice, or hospital, you can rely on our experienced cleaning team to deliver a service that’s second to none. To discuss your requirements, call us on 0114 358 6204 (Sheffield), 01709 230 152 (Rotherham) or 01226 977 182 (Barnsley).