Why is Office Cleaning So Important?

Posted on 7th July 2020 by jask Media

Keeping the office clean is important, especially in light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak. With many offices set to reopen in the coming week, now is the time to invest in a cleaning company. You can make the office a safer place for you and your employees. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, let’s look at why office cleaning is an important part of commercial life.

Why is Office Cleaning Important?

office cleaning sheffield, barnsley rotherham Office cleaning has always been important, but the fact that coronavirus is still such a massive risk has increased its importance tenfold. Every day, your staff are walking through the office, touching handles and desks, trekking outside dirt through the carpet. Not to mention the number of people who forget to wash their hands after using the bathroom.

What we forget is that most diseases spread through touch. If you touch a handle that a sick person has previously touched, the bacteria will live on the body and potentially infect a healthy person. This is why using soap and hand sanitiser is such an important aspect of prevention – especially during the pandemic.

If your office is not cleaned, all of these germs and bacteria are left to fester and multiply, creating a harmful environment for people to work in. Cleaning the office creates a healthier space and one that has much less risk of causing illness to your staff.

How Often Should You Get Your Office Cleaned?

Your office should be cleaned on a daily basis. There are specific tasks that take place on a daily basis. For Example cleaning the bathroom, as well as those that are performed on a weekly and monthly basis. Having a set schedule is really important because you create a strong structure for commercial cleaning.  you will also stay on top of the overall health of your workplace.

Most cleaning companies will arrange a schedule with you in advance, helping you to determine what works best for your company and the staff that work there. Daily cleaning is important for providing a dazzling impression that will impress staff and customers alike, as well as helping to prevent employee sickness.

What’s the Risk of a Lack of Cleaning?

A lack of cleaning means a few things for your business. One of these is a decline in employee health, and it is something you will notice over time. More coughs and sneezes, more time off to recover from illnesses, and all because they are working in a dirty environment. If you want to prevent a lack of productivity and losing money to sick pay, you’ll keep the office clean.

This is especially true of the kitchen area, which actually harbours more bacteria than the bathroom. If the lunch area is not kept clean and the food debris is not removed, you will find that it becomes home to bacteria like e.coli and salmonella, each of which can make your staff very sick.

A lack of cleaning can also become a fire hazard, especially in the case of unemptied wastepaper bins that just sit there collecting more scrunched up sheets. Over time, rubbish like this also becomes a tripping hazard that can lead to a workplace injury.

This is why companies choose office cleaning services like ours. We provide a thorough and professional service that will ensure the office is left in pristine condition. If you trust a professional cleaning company with your workspace, they are sure to deliver excellent results that make your place of work more sanitary.

What’s the Impact of Cleaning on Staff?

commercial office cleaningJust as it has a positive impact on health and cleanliness, taking the time to ensure that your office is professionally cleaned will also have a great effect on your staff as well. Here are some of the ways in which it can benefit your employees.

Better Impression. Your office is the first impression that both clients and employees will get. You want them to be presented with a space that is open and clean, welcoming them to work as opposed to making them feel as though they no longer want to be there. The carpets have the biggest impact, and you might think that it’s the most unnoticeable feature. However, it is actually the first place people will look. Clean carpets, happy employees, great first impressions.

Boosts Happiness. Whether you have cubicles or desks, you want them to be nice and clean. This means that that your employees can work in a crisp environment. Having a clean place to work makes you feel better about your work. It is also a fantastic way to boost employee happiness. If your staff have to work in a messy space they aren’t going to feel good at all. This means that you will find that they are less motivated to work to their full potential.

Increases Productivity. Happy workers are hard workers, and this is what you want in your business. If your staff feel good they will be more motivated and productive. This leads to more work getting done, better profits, and a good atmosphere that makes a good mood contagious. An office space that has bright and welcoming colours will lead to innovative and creative ideas, getting your staff to really use their minds and unlock their inner potential in a whole new way.

To Conclude

If you are searching for Commercial Cleaning in Sheffield, Barnsley & Rotherham, we are the people for you. We have a team of skilled experts who want nothing more than to leave your office building in fantastic shape. Our team members use all of the best and latest cleaning techniques. This in turn ensures that your home is left looking and feeling healthy with a comfortable atmosphere.

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