Why should I have school cleaning services?

Posted on 5th October 2021 by jask Media

Are you wondering “Why should I have school cleaning services?” If so, you’re not alone. Many headteachers are recognising the value of outsourcing their cleaning needs to a company like Direct Cleaning Services. Read on to discover the benefits of hiring a local cleaning contractor. 

Creating a clean and hygienic environment

The importance of professional office floor cleaning and maintenance

Making sure that schools are clean and hygienic is essential for the health and safety of pupils, staff, and visitors. Schools are well-known as being breeding grounds for bacteria. Germs such as Staphylococcus and influenza easily spread in busy hallways and classrooms. However, regular cleaning can help to kill bacteria that can cause illness, helping to keep the school population healthy and reducing the number of sick days and absences. 

Reducing the spread of Covid-19

Whilst keeping schools clean has always been important, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought cleanliness in these settings into sharp focus. An enhanced cleaning regime is required in schools to kill the virus effectively. This should include frequent cleaning of all areas and equipment, with a particular focus on those frequently touched surfaces, including desks and tables, door handles, and light switches. These surfaces should ideally be cleaned down at least twice a day. Bathrooms and communal kitchens should be cleaned regularly too. Consistent cleaning plays a key role in limiting the transmission of Covid-19.

Promote better learning

When you invest in professional school cleaning in Sheffield, Barnsley, or Rotherham, you can help to improve students’ learning experience. Studies show that dirty classrooms negatively impact learning and their academic performance as a whole. Students who work in clean and hygienic environments achieve better grades, whilst the performance of those learning in schools that aren’t regularly cleaned or maintained is generally poorer. 

More productive teaching 

office cleaning checklist rotherhamTeachers, as well as students, can benefit from cleanliness in a school. Keeping schools clean can make teachers more productive since they won’t have to spend hours cleaning up their classrooms. Instead, they can perform more critical tasks such as planning lessons and marking homework. Some teachers spend their breaks or lunch hour carrying out cleaning related tasks, but this time would be better spent relaxing and recharging ready for lessons. Teachers need time to unwind during the school day so they can teach to the best of their ability. 



When considering “Why should I have school cleaning services?”, think about how much time you will save your teachers. They will be less distracted and perform better, which will, in turn, help your students to achieve higher grades. In a study, 90% of teachers said that they feel an obvious difference in their mental wellbeing when their workplace is clean.

Make a great impression

When you invest in professional cleaning services, you can ensure your school makes a great impression. A school that’s clean and hygienic will be perceived more positively than a school that’s dirty and unkempt. Both students and parents will view the school more favourably, making them more likely to choose it over other schools in the area. They may view the quality of teaching as higher and feel more confident that they can achieve their desired grades. 

You should also consider any upcoming OFSTED inspections when deciding if you should hire cleaning services. OFSTED take cleanliness into account when assessing schools. This is because poor standards of cleanliness pose a direct threat to pupils’ safety whilst at school. There are many examples of OFSTED criticising low standards of cleanliness and hygiene in schools. Don’t let a substandard cleaning regime ruin all other great things about your school. 

Better equipment performance 

One benefit of school cleaning services that you may not have considered is that they can improve the performance of equipment. This is because professional contractors don’t just clean classrooms – they also clean the equipment in them such as computers and projectors. This ensures that dust is removed so that it continues to operate properly. Too much dust and dirt accumulating on equipment can easily cause it to become damaged. To preserve your equipment and extend its lifespan, regular cleaning is recommended. 

Why choose Direct Cleaning Services 

At Direct Cleaning Services, we’ve been cleaning schools in the South Yorkshire region for many years. We clean nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities, using the best quality cleaning equipment and products to achieve exceptional results every time. As experienced school cleaners, you can rest assured that we know the areas that need close attention paying to them. We’ll leave no stone unturned when cleaning your school setting, leaving classrooms, halls, toilets, canteens and gymnasiums clean and hygienic. We aim not just to make your school clean and tidy, but germ-free, reducing the spread of illness in your setting. 

Importantly, we offer flexible school cleaning in Sheffield, Barnsley, and Rotherham. We can clean your school at a time that’s right for you, including early in the morning, in the evening, or even at the weekend if required. We know how important it is that the learning of your pupils isn’t disrupted and that’s why we aim to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum.

Contact us 

“Why should I have school cleaning services?” is a question on many people’s lips right now, with more and more school leaders recognising the importance of employing a stricter cleaning regime. To discuss your school’s cleaning requirements with one of our friendly team, call 0114 358 6204 (Sheffield), 01226 977 182 (Barnsley), or 01709 230 152 (Rotherham). You can also contact us by completing the form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We can answer any questions you may have about our services or provide a competitive quote.