Why you need to increase office cleaning to help make your workplace COVID-safe

Posted on 6th October 2020 by jask Media

The emergence of COVID-19 has had a huge impact on businesses across the UK, closing many of them and forcing millions of people to work from home. If you’ve started welcoming staff back to the office, it’s important to take steps to prevent transmission of the virus. One way to do this is to adopt a regular and thorough cleaning regime. Many companies are hiring professional office cleaners in Sheffield, Barnsley, and Rotherham to ensure their workplaces are COVID-safe.

busy office being cleanedHow does COVID-19 spread?

When someone who has COVID-19 exhales or coughs, they release drops of infected fluid. Many of them land on surfaces like desks and tables and objects like telephones. People can contract the virus by touching contaminated items and then touching their mouth, eyes, or nose with their hands. Therefore, it’s vital that offices and objects in them are cleaned regularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This can help reduce the spread as much as possible.

Professional commercial cleaning companies are increasingly being called upon by businesses to provide deep cleaning of their office spaces. At Direct Cleaning Services, we’re seeing an increased demand for our services. Our team of cleaners are making many premises throughout the South Yorkshire region COVID-safe.

COVID-19 can also be contracted by standing too close to someone who has the virus and breathing in contaminated droplets which they’ve exhaled or coughed out. The government says that office workers should keep a minimum of two metres apart at all times and also recommends working side by side rather than face to face. Whilst regular office cleaning is vital for reducing the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace, social distancing is also of paramount importance. Frequent handwashing is essential too and businesses should that running water and soap are available at all times.

Is COVID-19 serious?

Many people believe COVID-19 is similar to the flu. Whilst it’s true that these diseases spread similarly, experts believe that COVID causes more severe symptoms than seasonal influenza. Some cases are mild, but others become so serious that they require hospitalisation and intensive care. Many cases have led to death, with over 40,000 fatalities in the UK alone by October 2020.

The risk of serious illness increases with age, with those over 40 more vulnerable than those under 40. People with weak immune systems and conditions such as diabetes, lung and heart disease are also more susceptible to the virus. To protect your staff whilst they’re at work, it’s a good idea to invest in professional office cleaning in Rotherham, Barnsley, and Sheffield.

How can commercial cleaners help?

At Direct Cleaning Services, we can come to your premises at a time that’s convenient for you, providing a thorough cleaning of your workplace to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. We can create a suitable cleaning regime that meets the needs of your business. Our team can provide overnight office cleaning if required, ensuring that your business doesn’t suffer any downtime or lost revenue. Hiring our office cleaning services we ensure that you’re complying with your obligations by taking reasonable steps to protect your staff from COVID-19.

Our team will clean and sanitise surfaces in your office which are frequently touched. This includes desks and workstations, touchscreens, keyboards, phones, cabinets, lifts, and reception areas. Bathrooms, toilets, and washbasins should be cleaned as often as possible too. It’s important to review the facilities you have in place to allow people (including visitors) to wash their hands frequently throughout the day. You should consider whether you need to provide additional washing facilities.

We’ll pay particular attention to metal and plastic surfaces when cleaning your office. This is because we’ve learned that the virus can survive for as long as nine days. We’ll disinfect them regularly using the highest quality cleaning products to ensure they’re safe to use. We recommend that all workstations are cleared at the end of the day so that they can be adequately cleaned. All waste collected during our work will be safely disposed of, ensuring the risk of contamination remains low.

office cleaning checklist rotherhamHow often should I hire commercial cleaners?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Health and Safety Executive recommends that businesses adopt a deep cleaning regime. This involves a thorough clean of all frequently touched surfaces at least once a day. A one-off clean by professional cleaners simply isn’t enough right now if you want to keep your office COVID-secure.

Regular daily cleaning is required to ensure that the risk of transmission in your workplace stays low. At Direct Cleaning Services, we can come to you daily, armed with the very best cleaning equipment and products. The products we use are powerful and likely to be much more effective than those in your office cleaning cupboard.

Following the latest government guidelines

As one of the leading companies offering commercial cleaning in Barnsley, Sheffield, and Rotherham, you can rest assured that we’ll follow all the latest government guidelines when carrying out our work. We have all the PPE we need to keep us safe, including masks, gloves, and other protective wear. Our team will maintain social distancing whilst cleaning and we’ll always wash our hands with soap and water when we finish work. We’ll use hand sanitiser regularly too.

As the impact of COVID-19 on the economy has become clearer, more and more businesses are returning to the workplace. To ensure that you’re adhering to your responsibilities by making your office as safe as possible for your staff during the pandemic, we strongly recommend investing in the services of a local commercial cleaning company like Direct Cleaning Services.

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