4 Reasons You Should Never Eat at Your Desk

Posted on 20th September 2016 by jask Media

Should You Eat At Your Desk?

Although it may be difficult to find the time to leave your desk at lunchtime, not doing so can have some harmful impacts to your health and your social life in the long run. In this article, we’ll be discussing just why avoiding eating your lunch at your desk is an absolute must.

Movement = Health

Above all else, leaving your desk at lunchtime can be healthier for you because you will actually move about at some point during the day. Many people suffer problems later in life as a direct result of sitting at their desk all day, every day, their bodies deprived of the exercise they so desperately need. A brisk walk at lunchtime can do wonders for your health, particularly when combined with a suitable exercise regime, too.

What’s more, leaving your desk also makes it more likely that you won’t consume as much junk food. In moving away from the distracting element that is your computer, you’ll ensure that your mind is free to think about the things you actually want to eat, rather than what is closest and easiest. A healthier diet is sure to follow.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat at Your Desk

Network and Socialise

Your lunchtime is prime time to talk to other members of your office that you may otherwise never have the opportunity to chat to. You can effectively use this time to network and share ideas with colleagues. You could also use the time to catch up with old friends and provide a proper break from the stresses of work.

Keep Your Desk Germ Free

While most microbial life is not only harmless but central to our continued health, obviously there are some germs that are detrimental to our wellbeing. For the most part, we may interact with these germs in our everyday life and never suffer illness, but eating at your desk can provide such bacteria with enough crumbs of food to grow and become dangerous. Wiping your keyboard and desk down regularly can help to repel harmful germ growths, but leaving your desk at lunch is another exceptional method to curb bacterial development.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Finally, walking around and leaving your desk at lunch has the added benefit of getting your creative and productive juices flowing. Sitting still in front of the computer monitor all day can bring your thinking processes to a standstill, but fresh air and a break from the artificial world can help get your mind back on track. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to get back to work, possibly even tackling problems from a new angle that will see your work exponentially improve!

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