Why your office should be considering a full-time office cleaner during Covid-19

Posted on 3rd June 2021 by jask Media

As restrictions begin to ease in the UK, more and more employers are asking their employees to return to work. If you plan on asking your staff to come back to the office rather than letting them work from home, it’s vital that you take steps to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace. Even though the UK is edging closer towards normality, the threat of coronavirus is still there. New variants of the virus emerging all the time, so we take a look at why your office should be considering a full-time office cleaner during Covid-19

One way to reduce the risk of Covid-19 is to hire professional cleaners to keep your office clean and hygienic. Since cleaning can kill the virus that causes the disease, it’s important that it’s carried out frequently to reduce transmission. Read on to find out why your office should be considering a full-time office cleaner during Covid-19.

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Despite what some people think, Covid-19 still poses a risk, particularly in busy offices where staff often work closely together. When someone who has the virus exhales or coughs, they release infected particles. They can then land on surfaces such as desks and tables and objects like keyboards and telephones. When others touch these contaminated items and then touch their mouths, noses, or eyes, they can contract the virus. As a result, regular cleaning is vital for killing the virus and reducing its spread as much as possible. 

Follow the latest government guidance

The government has recently started easing restrictions to help businesses get back to normal. However, the HSE is still advising that cleaning is carried out regularly to help prevent transmission of the virus. In particular, surfaces that people touch a lot require frequent cleaning and sanitising. The latest government guidance for offices states that work areas and equipment need cleaning between uses. 

Workspaces should be cleared and any waste removed from the area at the end of a shift. The advice also recommends that the use of high-touch items such as printers and whiteboards should be limited if possible. Since the government is recommending enhanced cleaning procedures for busy areas within offices along with more frequent rubbish removal, it makes sense to have a full-time cleaner on hand to assist. It’s easy to why your office should be considering a full-time office cleaner during Covid-19. 

What will a full-time cleaner do? 

More and more office-based businesses are hiring full-time cleaners to help their workplaces stay Covid-free. Full-time cleaners work throughout the day, making sure all your cleaning requirements are met. They will create a cleaning regime that meets the needs of your company. Overnight office cleaning can be provided in many cases. This may be suitable if you’re worried about frequent cleaning disrupting your staff or interrupting your business activities. When cleaners work overnight whilst your office is empty, your employees’ productivity levels won’t be impacted. 

Full-time cleaners will clean and sanitise frequently touched surfaces and objects in your office. This includes desks and workstations, touchscreens and keyboards, telephones, filing cabinets, lifts, and reception areas. They can also tackle bathrooms, toilets, and sinks too. Office cleaners will pay particular attention to surfaces constructed from metal and plastic since the virus can survive for up to nine days on these materials. They will disinfect them often using the best quality cleaning products.


Office cleaning in Sheffield

Where can I find a full-time cleaner?


If you require office cleaners in Sheffield, Barnsley or Rotherham, it’s important to look for a reputable company with a proven track record in the field. Cleaning during the Covid-19 pandemic is a serious job and it’s crucial that you enlist a firm you can trust. At Direct Cleaning Services, we’re proud to be one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in the South Yorkshire area. We work with businesses throughout the region, with our team cleaning premises such as offices, shops, schools, and hospitals to the highest possible standards. 

We’ve seen high demand for our cleaning services in recent months, but we still have full-time cleaners available to work at your office space. When you hire us to provide commercial cleaning in Sheffield or Barnsley, you can greatly reduce the risk of Covid-19 and other viruses spreading in your workplace. 

Other steps you can take to keep your office Covid-free


Frequent cleaning is essential for keeping your office Covid-free. However, there’s more you can do to reduce transmission of the virus. As well as implementing a comprehensive cleaning regime, you should also take steps such as reminding your staff and visitors to wear face coverings when and where the law says they must. You should also make sure that everyone can maintain social distancing. 


Many businesses are choosing to place desks further apart to further reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Desk spacing can be complemented with logistical measures such as implementing shift working or scheduling breaks so that fewer people are mixing. You may also want to rethink how to manage visitors and deliveries.

With Covid-19 still a significant threat in the UK, it’s vital that we don’t let out guards down. As an office manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the risk of the virus spreading on your premises is as low as possible. 

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