Winter Checks To Keep Your Office Clean & Safe

Posted on 8th December 2017 by jask Media

During the cold and damp winter months, it can become harder but all the more necessary to keep on top of your cleaning schedule. Winter weather can bring its own unique challenges to your office, with everything from tracked in dirt to an uptick in viruses and germs having an effect on the state of your office and wellbeing of your workforce. Here at Direct Cleaning Services, we have put together this article to highlight aspects of your office which deserve additional attention this winter.


Your floors, regardless of whether they are soft carpets or robust vinyl, will require more work to keep them clean and safe during winter. For carpeting, wet weather can lead to muddy stains, grubbiness and an increased likelihood of mould growth. Hard floors can become more than just unsightly and pose a slip hazard when wet. To keep your office floors, and consequently your whole workplace, looking fresh and clean, ensure you have entrance mats placed at all access points and that you up your floor cleaning schedule accordingly to cope with the increased seasonal demand.

Step Up The Disinfecting

During winter, colds, coughs and viruses can run rife across an office environment. It is common for ill but well-meaning employees to still come into work and, combined with people in constant close contact, illnesses can easily spread. To try and combat this, you should try and increase the frequency with which you disinfect areas across your office to kill off any lurking germs. Pay particular attention to sanitising communal areas – such as kitchens and bathroom counter areas – switches, taps, and any shared equipment such as phones, copiers and keyboards.

Air Quality

The fresh air and climate control systems you have installed to keep your indoor office environment comfortable will be relied upon more throughout winter months. It is important to be aware of your office’s indoor air quality though as this circulated air can harbour more pollutants than outdoors and, with windows staying firmly shut, can become stale and aid the spread of germs. To help keep up air quality, make sure your HVAC system is working at peak efficiency by giving it a comprehensive, thorough clean.

Free Up Your Desk

With the end of the year looming, now is a perfect time to clear your desks of unnecessary clutter. Rid your workplace of any mess, unneeded items and old paperwork to prepare for the new year with a fresh workstation. Not only will your workplace look better and be more hygienic, a clean desk can help you keep organised and focused.


It is important to keep your business accessible to your staff, and potentially clients, in all seasons and weathers. To ensure that pathways, roads and car parks on your property are safe to traverse, it can be a good idea to have a well-stocked grit box on hand to keep your premises free from ice and snow. If you have concerns about access to your site, get in touch with your local authority to ensure suitable measures are in place to keep the necessary roads clear and safe.


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