6 Invaluable Cleaning Tips From The Experts

Posted on 25th August 2017 by jask Media

Cleaning your office building top to bottom can seem like a monumental task. If you’ve been putting off cleaning or if your usual tidy up isn’t sufficient this time, you should set aside the time to carry out a cleaning overhaul. A clean and tidy building creates a much more pleasant workspace and, particularly if you suffer from allergies, can be beneficial for your health. For all its benefits, cleaning is still a chore though and so this month our professionals have put together some cleaning tips and tricks to help you save some time and effort.



To clean in the most effective way and make sure you don’t miss anything, add some order to your cleaning. If you just pick out the dirtiest spots first, you can easily miss places. Carry out tasks top to bottom and left to right. For example when dusting, tackle high places first so as to prevent knocking dust on to already clean, lower surfaces.


Create a plan of action

Make a plan for how you’re going to tackle your cleaning tasks and stick to it. A lot of professional cleaners work using ‘task cleaning’ strategies where you complete one task throughout the whole space before moving on to the next, rather than working room to room. This can save time, help keep momentum and reduce the temptation to give up after just one area is spotless! A good example cleaning order is:

  1. Dust
  2. Neaten and vacuum furnishings
  3. Clean glasswork and mirrors
  4. Wipe down surfaces
  5. Disinfect kitchen areas and bathrooms
  6. Mop hard floors
  7. Vacuum

Effective cleaning products

Using effective cleaning fluids can take a lot of the effort out of cleaning. A good product will work to weaken and lift the stain or dirt in question, meaning that you don’t have to use so much elbow grease. Here are some handy tricks:

  • For kitchen grease: simple dish cleaner and water is gentle but great for cutting through such sticky residues: it works on your dishes and it’ll work on surfaces.
  • For mineral deposits: hard to budge dried mineral deposits often plague faucets. Cleaning with white vinegar soaked into a microfibre cloth will help shift these deposits with less exertion and no risk of scratching.
  • For mould: leave on a dedicated mould/mildew cleaner or a solution of bicarbonate of soda and diluted white vinegar to get to work. Next, scrub the area with a damp cloth and rinse. For stubborn staining, repeat these steps.
  • For rust stains: apply lemon juice to help dissolve and loosen rust; the natural acidity will combat such stains.

Good tools

Good cleaning tools will make cleaning quicker, easier and even more comprehensive. Some useful cleaning supplies are:

  • Microfibre cloths: these are great at catching all dirt and dust particles due to their small fibres. They are also gentle and won’t scratch even delicate surfaces.
  • Magic erasers: these can deal with tough stains on a multitude of surfaces, including walls, wood and laminate.
  • Squeegee: for streak free windows, a squeegee is a must have.
  • High suction vacuum: an effective vacuum with good suction will ensure you pick up as much dirt and dust as possible. Removing dust particles and allergens across the workplace can help improve allergies and air quality.

Regular maintenance

Frequent cleaning is the only way to maintain a spick and span office. Regular cleans will help prevent hard-to-remove build-ups of dirt and will mean that touch ups and tidy ups will be all that’s generally necessary, rather than an in depth scour.

Get in the professionals

Truly, the way to save most time and effort is to get a professional cleaning service to do the hard work for you. This way, you will expend no time and you can rest assured your workplace will receive a high quality, thorough, professional grade clean.


Direct Cleaning Services provide a meticulous cleaning service for commercial clients throughout Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Our team are skilled, experienced and will use professional equipment and techniques to ensure you receive a pristine clean. For more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.