The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning This Summer

Posted on 23rd May 2019 by jask Media

Summer is a season many people look forward to, it helps us to forget about the bitterly cold winter we were subjected to for the past 6 months. But the blistering heat and humid conditions can be the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, especially in the office.
The more people there are, the easier it will be for germs to spread. The best way to mitigate this is by cleaning. Direct Cleaning Services are on hand to tell you why it’s important to have a regular summer scrub, together with tips on how to do it effectively.


Reasons to have a Summer Office Clean

The Heat

While we love to bask in the sun’s rays throughout the summer months, the inevitable heat that comes with the season provides the ultimate breeding ground for bacteria, encouraging them to grow on food, surfaces, in communal toilets and throughout eating and food preparation areas. Rid the office of nasty smells and unexpected illnesses and have a clean of your office.


Open Windows and Doors

It’s inevitable that windows and doors will be opened to let a cool summer breeze air out a stuffy office, but by doing this, you’re letting in ample amounts of dust and dirt that wouldn’t have entered the building otherwise. Therefore, it’s important that cleaning and general housekeeping is done regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime.


Fewer Layers and Open Shoes

For us to stay cool in the summer heat, we’ll likely wear fewer layers and thinner fabrics. We might also opt to wear sandals or another style of open shoe to keep our feet aired. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to keep the office clean and tidy to avoid injury to your employees.

If someone cut their leg on a heavy cardboard box that had been left on the floor and it creates an open wound, then you want to ensure the office is free from bacteria to prevent infection. Your office should also have an easily accessible first aid kit nearby, particularly in kitchen areas.


Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

Regularly Empty The Bins – this will prevent unpleasant smells, as well as discouraging pests that may find their way in through open windows. If the bin is at full capacity, empty it immediately.

Clean Door Handles – this includes entry and exit doors, fridge/freezer doors, cupboard doors and toilet doors. All handles throughout the office should have an antibacterial wipe down.

Maintain The Floors – it’s important that floors are free from food debris, dust and dirt. This will also help to keep pests at bay. Even a simple vacuum will do the trick here. Although it’s always a good idea to mop floors (if you can) with disinfectant or antibacterial cleaning agents at least once a week.

Disinfect Kitchen/Eating areas – it’s important to keep eating areas clean and germ-free to prevent employees from contracting illnesses and potentially spreading them around.

Wipe Down Surfaces – simply take an antibacterial wipe or spray and wipe any dirt or food debris away, especially if your employees use these surfaces regularly.

Don’t Eat At Your Desk – this can prevent food debris gathering around your desk. Crumbs can find their way into any nook or cranny, settling comfortably into keyboards for example. It’s also out of consideration for your fellow employees, who don’t want to be smelling your leftovers from the night before.


Here at Direct Cleaning Services, we’re committed to providing our customers with excellent service every single time. Our friendly, knowledgeable team of experts are fully trained to determine how often a space needs cleaning, depending entirely on your business and the work you do. For more information about our services, get in touch with us today – we’re more than happy to help.