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How to prevent illness in the workplace

The spread of illness at work can have a hugely detrimental impact on a business. As well as leading to increased absenteeism due to staff taking time off to recover, productivity can decline too, since employees who are sick may not perform at their best. If you’re wondering how to prevent illness in the workplace, […]

How to keep your dental office clean

Are you wondering how to keep your dental office clean? Ensuring your dental office remains clean and hygienic allows you to maintain a great reputation. Furthermore, it helps your staff to stay happy and productive. Maintaining a clean and healthy environment will also help you protect your reputation and make your patients’ visits less stressful. […]

How to Make Sure Your Healthcare Environment Is Clean and Safe

The importance of keeping a healthcare environment clean can not be understated. Without a rigorous cleaning routine, the spread of germs can endanger vulnerable patients. In this article, we’re going to explain the many important reasons why proper cleaning in healthcare is crucial, as well as how you can guarantee these high standards of cleanliness […]

Why is Cleaning so Important in Healthcare?

An increasing worry for people entering into hospitals and health care environments is the risk of getting even more ill once inside due to a lack of cleanliness. Overall, the numbers affected have come down in recent years but there are still some serious failings in the profession at all levels. North Staffordshire hospitals have […]