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How can having a clean office boost productivity infographic

Learn how having a clean office can boost productivity, with this handy infographic put together by Direct Cleaning Services.  

How Could Brexit Impact the Cleaning Industry?

The UK is home to over 9000 cleaning companies, comprising an industry with a market value of approximately £7 billion. Approximately 25% of all workers within Britain’s cleaning industry don’t have British nationality — a significantly higher amount than the 18% of non-British workers across all UK industries. This stat highlights how much the cleaning […]

The Future Of Cleaning

After our last article, ‘The History of Cleaning’, was a huge hit, we decided to turn the clock forwards — and forecast what exactly is in store for cleaning in the future? Robots? The Internet of Things? Eco-friendly alternatives? This article is going to dive into all these things and help you prepare your business […]

Does Sunlight Kill Germs?

Hanging your clothes out in the sun is something many of us do regularly. Until recently, however, we assumed everyone was doing this for the same reason – to dry their clothes swiftly and effectively. Well, recently we discovered a theory that sunlight kills germs, and thus hanging out your clothes in the sunlight will […]

How Many Germs are We Exposed to on a Daily Basis?

Scientific advances in relation to hygiene have helped us to live longer, but it seems that we have now stopped considering how germs and our exposure to bacteria can impact on our health on a daily basis. With deadly diseases more rare than ever we have become complacent, but in our everyday environments – such […]