How To Prevent Workplace Slips, Trips & Falls

According to the Health and Safety Executive, slips, trips and falls accounted for a third of injuries across the workplace in 2016/2017. Although the majority are non-fatal workplace accidents, falls from a height are the second most common cause of fatal accidents at work. While employers have a duty of care towards their staff, employees […]

The 6 Golden Rules of Office Hygiene

  1. Eat away from your desk One of the top pet peeves of office etiquette is colleagues leaving dirty plates on their desks. From half-eaten sandwiches to ketchup smears, people hate seeing it. Eating at your desk can be surprisingly unsanitary, subjecting both yourself and your colleagues to stomach-churning bacteria. Have you ever wondered […]

What is Included in a Builder’s Clean?

The dust and dirt left behind from a domestic building project can sometimes be overwhelming. A builders clean is a type of cleaning service provided specifically for the proceeding days after a home construction or renovation project. Unlike your casual periodic house clean, a builders cleaning service provides a one-off, comprehensive clean for the entire […]

How To Keep Your Building Site Safe & Clean

If you have any building or construction work carried out in your workplace, it is likely that there will be dirt, dust and other such remnants of work left behind. The larger the scale of the work, the more tradespeople involved and the tighter the schedule, the greater the possibility of messy premises. Let’s take […]

How To Keep Office Carpets Clean

Due to the sheer square footage that your office carpets cover, their cleanliness and condition can really impact upon the overall look of your workplace. Office carpet cleaning is, therefore, something you should proactively maintain to ensure your office looks its best at all times, for the benefit of employees, visitors and clients alike. Here […]

How Should Cleaning Chemicals Be Stored?

Keeping your cleaning chemicals, supplies and equipment stored properly is not only vital for safety, it can also lengthen the products’ lifespans and ensure all your items are easily found and reachable. To help make sure you keep your supplies safe and correctly stored, we’ve put together some helpful guidance and tips.   Storage Location […]

How Good Are Robotic Vacuum Cleaners?

Vacuuming can be time-consuming and laborious work and so finding a way to lessen the strain of this task will always be welcome. Robotic vacuum cleaners have been designed to let people bypass this chore altogether, and this technology has been around for about 15 years now. However, before jumping to buy a robotic vacuum […]

How To Prevent Allergies With Cleaning

These days, it is very common for an individual to suffer from some form of allergy. Although allergies – for example, hayfever and asthma – are often associated with the outdoors, allergens are present everywhere, including in homes and workplaces. There are many types of allergy and, therefore, many different irritants which can trigger a […]

Winter Checks To Keep Your Office Clean & Safe

During the cold and damp winter months, it can become harder but all the more necessary to keep on top of your cleaning schedule. Winter weather can bring its own unique challenges to your office, with everything from tracked in dirt to an uptick in viruses and germs having an effect on the state of […]

6 Natural Tips to Freshen Up Your Workplace

If you are worried about overusing harsh chemicals when cleaning, going natural with your everyday supplies can be a great solution. There are many natural substances which have intrinsic cleaning power and can be used as a substitute for a variety of cleaning fluids. Natural items can be great for freshening up your workplace in […]