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How to prevent illness in the workplace

The spread of illness at work can have a hugely detrimental impact on a business. As well as leading to increased absenteeism due to staff taking time off to recover, productivity can decline too, since employees who are sick may not perform at their best. If you’re wondering how to prevent illness in the workplace, […]

How to clean your office to prevent pests

The presence of pests in the office isn’t just incredibly unhygienic, but it can make it a less pleasant and comfortable place to work for staff, which can impact productivity and morale. With this in mind, it’s important to keep the space as clean as possible to make infestations less likely. Read on to find […]

The 6 Golden Rules of Office Hygiene

When it comes to working in an office it is key to keep everything as clean as possible, not just for yourself but for your co-workers as well. Here are 6 Golden rules of Office Hygiene. 1. Eat away from your desk One of the top pet peeves of office etiquette is colleagues leaving dirty […]

Spring cleaning your office

With spring on the horizon, you may be thinking about deep cleaning your office. This is a great time of year to clean your workplace more thoroughly than you normally do, getting rid of all the dust, mildew and mould that may have developed over the winter. Read on for our top tips for spring […]

Dirty Desks: Cleaning Hacks for Your Office Cubicle

It’s no secret that most desk spaces or cubicles are festering with germs. In previous articles, we’ve offered our expert advice on how to keep your desk clean, tidy and germ-free. Since these articles, we’ve discovered some new ways to keep on top of office cleaning. These methods may not be orthodox, but they’re certainly […]

Top tips to help you keep your office clean in the winter

Once winter sets in, keeping your office clean can often seem like an uphill battle. The amount of dirt, mud, and debris that can make your way into your workspace can be disturbing. Fortunately, in this article, you’ll find some top tips to help you keep your office clean in the winter. You don’t need […]

The importance of professional office floor cleaning & maintenance [Infographic]

Think your office floor is clean? If so, you may want to think again! Even though your carpet may appear spic and span, it’s likely to be harbouring dirt, dust particles, and allergens within its fibres. This could put your employees’ health at risk. Read on to discover the importance of professional office floor cleaning […]

What is commercial janitorial cleaning?

Are you wondering what is commercial janitorial cleaning? Perhaps you’re unsure what the difference is between this and general office cleaning in Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham? If so, this article is for you. Find out more about janitorial cleaning so you can decide whether you require this service. All about commercial janitorial cleaners The services […]

Where do germs hide in the workplace?

Germs lurk everywhere, constantly threatening to infect us with any number of diseases. Work environments can easily turn into breeding grounds for bacteria since there so many places for them to hide. A regular and thorough cleaning schedule is therefore required to kill the germs that can make us sick. So where do germs hide […]

How to remove office carpet stains [Infographic]

Offices are high traffic areas within the workplace, with potentially hundreds of people passing through them every day. This means that they can quickly become dirty. Coffee, ink, mud, grease or oil from food and even wine from Christmas parties can make their way onto office carpets, leading to them becoming stained and unsightly. At […]