How to Keep Your Commercial Fridge Fresh & Clean

Every commercial establishment has a fridge — some more focal to the business than others. In any case, an unclean, foul-smelling fridge is a health hazard and a poor reflection of your business. The experienced staff at Direct Cleaning Services have a selection of tips for keeping your fridge fresh and clean. Office fridge A […]

10 Germiest Features of Your Office

Shared office spaces breed germs, even when things appear clean on the surface. Office features that are touched by multiple people throughout the day become a haven for germs to congregate and spread. In a previous article, we revealed the three most disgusting places in every office. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the 10 […]

The Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Something as simple as cleaning your carpet can have a significant knock-on effect on your business. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the many commercial benefits of investing in a professional carpet cleaning service. Health and wellbeing The wellbeing of your employees and colleagues is critical. Keeping their working environment clean will mitigate illness and […]

How to Make Sure Your Healthcare Environment Is Clean and Safe

The importance of keeping a healthcare environment clean can not be understated. Without a rigorous cleaning routine, the spread of germs can endanger vulnerable patients. In this article, we’re going to explain the many important reasons why proper cleaning in healthcare is crucial, as well as how you can guarantee these high standards of cleanliness […]

How to Clean Office Walls

Believe it or not, the walls in your office can become just as dirty as the floor,  however, the difference here is that the floor is generally cleaned or vacuumed on a regular basis, whereas the walls typically aren’t. Here, we have a few tips and tricks for ridding your office perimeter of pesky wall […]

The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning This Summer

Summer is a season many people look forward to, it helps us to forget about the bitterly cold winter we were subjected to for the past 6 months. But the blistering heat and humid conditions can be the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, especially in the office. The more people there are, the easier […]

How To Prevent Workplace Slips, Trips & Falls

According to the Health and Safety Executive, slips, trips and falls accounted for a third of injuries across the workplace in 2016/2017. Although the majority are non-fatal workplace accidents, falls from a height are the second most common cause of fatal accidents at work. While employers have a duty of care towards their staff, employees […]

The 6 Golden Rules of Office Hygiene

  1. Eat away from your desk One of the top pet peeves of office etiquette is colleagues leaving dirty plates on their desks. From half-eaten sandwiches to ketchup smears, people hate seeing it. Eating at your desk can be surprisingly unsanitary, subjecting both yourself and your colleagues to stomach-churning bacteria. Have you ever wondered […]

How Often Does A Business Need Cleaning?

It’s common knowledge that a business should maintain a high level of cleanliness, but how often does your business need to be cleaned to attain these high standards? The answer isn’t so straight-forward. Different businesses will require different rates of cleaning, depending on their industry and size, among other factors. To reach a conclusion for […]

How Could Brexit Impact the Cleaning Industry?

The UK is home to over 9000 cleaning companies, comprising an industry with a market value of approximately £7 billion. Approximately 25% of all workers within Britain’s cleaning industry don’t have British nationality — a significantly higher amount than the 18% of non-British workers across all UK industries. This stat highlights how much the cleaning […]