The 6 Golden Rules of Office Hygiene

  1. Eat away from your desk One of the top pet peeves of office etiquette is colleagues leaving dirty plates on their desks. From half-eaten sandwiches to ketchup smears, people hate seeing it. Eating at your desk can be surprisingly unsanitary, subjecting both yourself and your colleagues to stomach-churning bacteria. Have you ever wondered […]

How Often Does A Business Need Cleaning?

It’s common knowledge that a business should maintain a high level of cleanliness, but how often does your business need to be cleaned to attain these high standards? The answer isn’t so straight-forward. Different businesses will require different rates of cleaning, depending on their industry and size, among other factors. To reach a conclusion for […]

How Could Brexit Impact the Cleaning Industry?

The UK is home to over 9000 cleaning companies, comprising an industry with a market value of approximately £7 billion. Approximately 25% of all workers within Britain’s cleaning industry don’t have British nationality — a significantly higher amount than the 18% of non-British workers across all UK industries. This stat highlights how much the cleaning […]

The Future Of Cleaning

After our last article, ‘The History of Cleaning’, was a huge hit, we decided to turn the clock forwards — and forecast what exactly is in store for cleaning in the future? Robots? The Internet of Things? Eco-friendly alternatives? This article is going to dive into all these things and help you prepare your business […]

The History Of Cleaning

The techniques, roles and methods involved in general and household cleaning have evolved dramatically since history began. This article is going to cover the comprehensive timeline of how cleaning has changed throughout history. So get your feather dusters at the ready, as we take a look at everything from Ancient Egyptians to Henry Hoovers.   […]

Does Sunlight Kill Germs?

Hanging your clothes out in the sun is something many of us do regularly. Until recently, however, we assumed everyone was doing this for the same reason – to dry their clothes swiftly and effectively. Well, recently we discovered a theory that sunlight kills germs, and thus hanging out your clothes in the sunlight will […]

What is Included in a Builder’s Clean?

The dust and dirt left behind from a domestic building project can sometimes be overwhelming. A builders clean is a type of cleaning service provided specifically for the proceeding days after a home construction or renovation project. Unlike your casual periodic house clean, a builders cleaning service provides a one-off, comprehensive clean for the entire […]

The Benefits Of A Clean Business

Running a successful business means ensuring a huge number of individual factors are working together in a cog-like system to reach a final solution. One cog, which can often get overlooked in a busy company, is maintaining a clean working environment for both employees and customers. By neglecting cleanliness, the system will begin to fall […]

How To Start A Commercial Cleaning Company

Starting any business can be a daunting prospect with great reward, and no statement epitomises the commercial cleaning industry better. Though often overlooked, the cleaning industry was worth a whopping £24 billion in 2017; with a £5.6 billion chunk of that stemming from commercial cleaning services. The potential profit is great, but competition is extensive, […]

How To Keep Your Building Site Safe & Clean

If you have any building or construction work carried out in your workplace, it is likely that there will be dirt, dust and other such remnants of work left behind. The larger the scale of the work, the more tradespeople involved and the tighter the schedule, the greater the possibility of messy premises. Let’s take […]